About Us

Don’t have a big marketing budget?

Want to LEARN how to FAST TRACK GROWTH in your small business or SUCCESSFULLY build your START UP?

Well you have come to the right place!

The heart of your small business success lies with its marketing and most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing; from your product or services, price, where and how you sell and promoting your offering to bring in sales.

Hi I’m Gen. I am a mum to 2 little ones and a self-confessed marketing nerd.  I  have lived and breathed marketing for the last 20 years and  know what works and what doesn’t.

It dawned on me recently that I have all this knowledge and experience and  I wanted to share this with a larger audience of people. So Small Biz Marketing HQ was born –  a small business marketing consulting business, blog and resource centre for start up’s and established small business.

Friends and small business owners often say to me ‘I want to grow my business but I am not sure what I should be focusing on’, or ‘I know I need to be doing more marketing but I am not sure what’, and ‘how will I find the time’?

Other friends starting a business mentioned that they had ‘no idea where to start’. Some were keen for ‘assistance with setting up a marketing plan and website’ and others wanted help with specific strategies like ’email marketing and facebook ads’.  The great thing is, we are here to help with all of these topics and more!

Areas of focus will include:

I will be working hard to create useful and relevant content and resources, and I would love to hear what topics are of interest to you or any feedback you have. Please fill out our contact form here and don’t forget to subscribe to receive the latest content straight to your inbox!

We hope we will provide some really useful information and motivate and inspire you to take your amazing business to where you want it to be!

Want more support?

If  you are looking for website design and development, marketing consultingone on one guidance,  support or coaching we also have some programs and packages to suit your stage of business.

Here are some of our packages:

Outsourced Marketing Manager  –  for small to medium businesses with no time to plan and/or implement marketing who is keen for the services of an experienced marketer to manage marketing based on business goals.

Start Up – for anyone about to start a new business or thinking about starting a new business.

Marketing Review – for  established businesses that want guidance on where to focus on to take the business to the next level.

Marketing Planning Strategy – For any new or established business without a marketing plan (or one that is being used effectively) that wants to create and set up a lead generating machine and achieve business objectives.

Contact us so we can discuss your specific requirements.